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Jaap van Deijks Erotic Art Links --"Cream of the crop" in erotic art destinations. Mostly, free softcore pin-up sites, but there are a few over-the-edge spots to discover. Bottom line: your gonna see mostly, what we like, Quality - from here. Softcore 06/17/02

JusticeHoward --She's photographed for Heavy Metal, Billy Idol, Julie Strain and Marilyn Manson--just to name a few. Lovely erotic fetish photography. Softcore 06/05/02


KarinSwildens--A very accomplished sculptor merging the whimsically conceptual with the emotionally sensual. Some pieces are even functional. Beautiful clay fired and bronze expressions with natural textures inviting the tactile as well as the eye and heart. Free. Softcore/Hardcore10/10/01


LanceComiXXX--A sexy romantic adventure serial featuring Nick & Vomisa Cates, two wealthy scientists who discover lust, love, and wild kinky sex together...and transform themselves into the leaders of a fetish empire! Hardcore RL, 2004/05/24

Leffe's Fantasy & Erotic Art Page--Another great directory of some of the finest illustration masters! Sensual. Softcore

Leon Engelen--Visit the art of Leon Engelen: photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings, using classical techniques. He also has an extensive link list of art in all forms including the erotic. Softcore/Hardcore TS, 01/11/01 ultimate adult computer game with virtual sex action, beautiful 3D sex animations, erotic art and a proven game play. Play Chess with sexy queens and horny knights...Watch them make love. Download a free demo. Hardcore RL, 2005/01/13 and beautiful lingerie, including plus sizes, games, toys and more romantic fun. Add Magic and Spice to your Love Life! International purchasing. Softcore plus 2003/02/10

LucidSkin--Seven talented artists pull their strengths together to supply erotic imagery and literature with sci/fi-fantasy focus. Softcore/Hardcore 09/10/01


Michelle Pillow--Michelle M. Pillow, Author of Paranormal and Historical Romance and Horror. Author of Tribes of the Vampire series, Dragon Lords series, and many other titles. Softcore/Hardcore RL, 2005/01/13

NarcisseDesigns--Veronica of Narcisse, a lovely fantasy/pin-up model, costume couturewear designer, and art gallery owner in Chicago puts up her creations for fantasy male and female fashion wear as well as stunning galleries of art and photos created just for her. Free site. Softcore 12/03/01 Art & Photography of Natasha Epperson brings high quality orginal erotic works. She has a gothic fetish, so some fun fantasy here too. Softcore 05/17/00 Reviewed Resource to fine art both mainstream and erotic...traditional and digital. Softcore RL, 2004/05/24


PandoraMagazine--Is a unique blend of art and design, music, dance, film, literature and other forms of artistic expression. It exists to feature ground breaking never-before-seen art and to recognize already established artists excelling in their medium. Softcore/Hardcore RL, 2004/02/23

Petatrix --Erotic photography, e-cards and prints with poetic grace. Softcore 11/18/2002

RBCD Adult Art--A personal site with some very fun adult photo-art, blog, and links to other artists. Softcore/Hardcore RL, 2005/01/13

Renderotica--One of the largest websites serving the adult graphics community with 2D and 3D erotic art, forums and free stuff. Softcore/Hardcore RL, 2005/01/13

TOP very nice collection of b&w drawings by Sardax, featuring beautiful dominating women in high style. Free Site. Softcore/Hardcore 12/03/01 well designed and updated E-zine for the feminine viewer. Softcore/Hardcore 12/16/99

Seattle Erotic Art Festival --Attention Erotic Artists--looking for a public venue to get some exposure for your efforts? We think this is a good opportunity to check out! Softcore Plus 11/18/2002

SensibleErection --A chat and post community dedicated to keeping informed on the erotic and bizarre. Softcore/Hardcore TS, 03/12/02 growing directory of erotic artwork and photography. Hardcore TS, 09/25/00 of playful, modern pin-up women. BDSM playground, Erotic Art features, etc. Enjoy! Softcore/Hardcore 2003/01/10

SexyArt.Free.Fr--A large collection of talented artists showcase their erotic imagery for free. Softcore 09/11/01

SciFiSexCentral--Pin-ups, fantasy, sci/fi and digital art TOP SITES. Free. Softcore/Hardcore TS, 04/16/02

SexHerald--Singular source for candidly written adult website, film, book and sex toy reviews. Hardcore RL, 2004/05/24

Sexi--Growing adult content directory with non-paid reviewed links from Art to Shopping. Softcore/Hardcore TS, 05/09/01 is sacred! This site honors sacred sexuality: sex that is raunchy, intimate and beautiful creates a deep connection with the divine. Positive and Open-minded! Explicit L, 2005/07/07

Soulgasm --A High Quality link list with reviews guiding you to sensual and sexual content. Softcore/Hardcore TS, 01/11/01

SpaceBabeCentral--A new site, still working on its content offering - but looks very promising. See erotic scifi comix, animations, art, etc. in the guest tour, now. Pay Site. Softcore/Hardcore TS, 02/08/02

StumbleUpon--A private community sharing links both liked and dis-liked. What better reviews could you ask for? Softcore/Hardcore RL, 2004/06/30

NEW The Portfolio of Lawson, a gifted 3d comic artist with fantasies of super breasted women and hot erotic adventures on the sci-fi side. Hardcore L, 2005/05/11

Sumaleth--Extensive collection of scifi/fantasy prose, art and links. Softcore RL, 2004/06/30


Talanis --Not in English, but the navigation is simple and will take you to nice little collections of fantasy beauties. I recommend beginning at the great Pyramid of Art. Softcore 07/01/02

The67--hot naked babes, adult flash sex games, 3d virtual sex, naked chicks shooting aliens, interactive women, sex flash interactive media, hot babes with swords killing werewolfs and monsters, sci-fi porn, fantasy women having sex, and super hot 3d babes killing things and having lesbian sex. Hardcore RL, 2004/05/24

The Erotic World of Ric Frane--Beautiful sensual fantasy pin-ups: vampires, angels... Softcore 11/29/99

The Fetish Store--Sexy accessories for the ultimate fetish playground. Links. Softcore/Hardcore RL, 2003/04/10


UnRealX--Rated reviews with the best in free erotic comic imagery and art. Softcore/Hardcore TS, 03/08/99

VivianaSoldano --A Las Vegas Amazon beauty offers her photo library, erotic art and personal contact for your service. Sensual TS, 11/18/2002

Wolf Moon--Personal site all about wolves. General/Sensual RL, 2005/01/13

WoodPeckersRoost--We create unique, handcrafted dildos from exotic woods. Yes, I said wood! Our phalli are safe, sexy, and art you can proudly display by your bedside -- naturally warm & silky smooth. Our website also features erotic art & stories. Softcore RL, 2004/05/18 Arts Resources. Your first stop for arts online--artists, galleries, museums, online exhibitions. Softcore 02/08/01

XArtGallery--Gallery sponsored by the LifeStyles Group dedicated to promoting free speech and explicity erotic art expression. Huge Convention present Annual shows offering a professional venue for exhibition. Softcore/Hardcore RL, 2004/05/24

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