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Male Study 2011.05 (G) : JPEG

Valkyrie Anxious to Meet Her Viking
(R) : JPEG | (PG) : JPEG

Karynna Playin with Dragon (sketch) (R) : JPEG

Cupid on the Mend (R) : JPEG | (G) : JPEG
(aka: the "Real" Dick Fish Shoes)

Toward the White Dragon
(aka: Dick Fish Shoes) (R)

Walking Away (PG13) : JPEG
Laying the Past to Rest (R) : JPEG | (PG13) : JPEG
Broken Cupid (X) : JPEG
Mistletoe Wishes (PG13) : MOVIE | PRINT | WALLPAPER | JPEG
Santa's Helper (R) : PRINT | WALLPAPER | JPEG
Solstice Supplications (R) : WALLPAPER | JPEG

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